FrauenLoop Graduates

Junior Data Engineer at Yilu
FrauenLoop Grad (3 cycles)
"I feel like I’m in school, but a super cool school that builds the skills - practical skills - that you would use in a tech career. That actually facilitate your start.”

Junior Data Engineer at TD Reply
FrauenLoop Grad (3 cycles)
"It took me a long time to find data science because I just had no exposure to it. But I’m excited about data journalism."

Data Consultant at LeRoi Consulting
FrauenLoop Grad (2 cycles)
"I would definitely not be in my current role if it weren't for the courses I took at FrauenLoop"

Junior Developer at fromAtoB
FrauenLoop Grad (2 cycles)
"Nakeema and the the FrauenLoop mentors made me believe that I could become a programmer, so I did."

Junior BI Analyst at Zalando
FrauenLoop Grad (2 cycles)
“FrauenLoop heavily contributed not only to my technical skills, but also to my self confidence: I had a total change of mindset about working in IT.”

Data Analyst at Demos
FrauenLoop Grad (1 cycle)
"My job didn’t really show any prospects of growth, so I thought, 'I need to make a switch. That's what led me to FrauenLoop.'”

Junior Developer at Aklamio
FrauenLoop Grad (3 cycles)
"My first day at Aklamio was the one year anniversary of my first FrauenLoop class."

Data Scientist at Hella Ventures
FrauenLoop Grad (1 cycle)
"I had done nothing in Python, but what I learned at FrauenLoop, with other women like me, helped me catch up quickly and get hired."


Our students, like our mentors, come from diverse backgrounds and take different paths into the tech industry. The graduates above represent a cross-section of the students FrauenLoop has worked with. The map below represents the different countries (including Germany) from which our students come.