FrauenLoop events engage diverse groups of women with a wide variety of backgrounds. We use hands-on activities and insightful talks to de-mystify the tech industry. Following the Berlin Code of Conduct for Communities we help women navigate the digital employment landscape.   Sign up for our next career-skills workshops for women here.

Salary Negotiation for Women

"Finding the right role in any industry can be challenging. The subsequent negotiation of a fair salary can have a major impact on one’s life quality and career path. Given the broad range of backgrounds and cultures represented at the workshop, we heard plenty of different perspectives: engineers needing to refocus on web or other programming skills after moving from Greece or Iran; recent graduates trying to position themselves for success in startups after academia; mothers of young children from Syria, Egypt, Germany and Romania, all of whom wanted to know how much of their ‘old lives’ to include in their professional re-entry."

Technical Interviewing for Women

"CVs and interviewing skills are one thing, but tech companies employ a range of challenges to vet applicants. Women and women-identified persons often face barriers that don't have to do with skill or intelligence when applying for technical roles. We know: we've been there before. However, the beauty of a diverse, women-centric tech community is that the same preparation strategies and research approaches that helped women ace technical interviews can be shared with other women. This is what this workshop set out to do."

How Do I Fit Into Tech?
"It is widely acknowledged that the tech world has a gender imbalance to rectify and a gap to close. Tech’s women are perhaps singled out and applauded, which is good. But what’s especially helpful is to hear directly from women in tech about how they got there, and how others can get there too. The movie "Hidden Figues" tells the story of women who toiled behind the scenes at NASA, enabling key scientific advances in the 1950’s and 1960’s. Extending that tradition of spotlighting under-recognized yet instrumental individuals, FrauenLoop created a platform for women in technology to tell their own stories about entering the tech industry — and why they are choosing to stay there."