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Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

Who Wants to be an Entrepreneur?

It’s time for Europeans to let go of stereotypes about who can build a business. The more women, working-class, Black, LGBTQ, Muslim and non-binary people in Germany  who succeed in business, the easier it becomes to recognize who could be the next great entrepreneur.

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How Tech Integration became Tech for Global Women in Berlin

How a Tech Integration project turned into Tech for Global Women in Berlin Two years ago, I created a program to address what I saw as a gap in existing social-tech initiatives in Berlin. With a background in Middle East history, and an almost 20-year career in IT, I was excited to use tech skill training […]

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When Getting Back to Work is a Military Manouvre

Although it often feels that way, it isn’t only moms who struggle to re-enter the workforce: anyone with a lengthy gap in their employment history can face a rough return to professional work.

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